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Welcome to Dr Nick Hodgson's Super Healthy - 2005 Victorian Chiropractor of the Year and Health and Wellness Coach

Dr Nick Hodgson provides gentle chiropractic adjustments combined with highly effective myofascial deep tissue work and other cutting-edge natural treatment techniques to help you achieve reduced pain, better flexibility and bodily function and improved health and wellbeing. Nick has a caring people-oriented approach and always helps you to take positive action steps towards your own health goals... 

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  • Not feeling as good as you would like to?
  • Suffering more than you should be?
  • Have you got to the point where you call your headaches the “normal headache”?
  • Do you get up off your couch like an 85 year old; low back sore, stiff and difficult to straighten?
  • Are your aches and pains preventing you from enjoying life, sport and recreation?
  • Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling exhausted?
  • Does it take weeks instead of days to get over minor ills?
  • Have you ever wondered whether there are some body parts that just aren’t working properly and your overall health is way below what you would like
  • Are you starting to convince yourself that it must all be in your head and maybe you are just stressed or even depressed?


Did you know that any of the above could be a sign that your nervous system has been under too much stress and strain for too long, and is long overdue for some reconditioning?

How does your nervous system get overloaded?

Sustained stress, bad posture, poor diet, lack of exercise, inadequate rest, accidents and injuries, too much sitting in front of computers and TVs, working too many hours, plus toxins in the environment; these can all wear your brain and spinal cord down...


And it’s not just people in their middle age that are affected like this: Babies can already have damage from a constricted life in the womb or a traumatic or stressful birth; Kids bumping and bruising each other, eating too much sugar and bad fat, and living in stressed households; Teenagers making their own lifestyle choices and getting them wrong; and the elderly struggling with the effects of a long and challenging life and the ravages of time.

My name is Dr Nick Hodgson, I am a Chiropractor and Health and Wellness Coach, who offers an alternative natural approach to pain relief and holistic healing. My priority is the help you achieve your best possible health.  


Maybe you have resorted to pain killers and other over the counter medications to try and suppress the unpleasant aches and pains, but still the problems return or persist. You might well have been to your GP but if the problems don’t resolve with the first prescription, you find yourself on an increasing list of tablets to be taken daily.

You may even have surfed the internet for answers, only to become overwhelmed by possible diagnoses and miracle cure claims.


  • Initial interview, examination & discussion of what has been concerning you; The latest non-invasive technologies to assess your posture, flexibility, nervous system and state of health, so that we can get a clear picture of how you can be helped, AND we have clear measurements to make sure that our treatment is working for you. CALL NOW...
  • An exciting mixture of gentle chiropractic adjustments and other natural treatment methods which I have found to be the most effective alternative treatment options available, after two decades of practice and active involvement in my profession’s training, research and development.
  • Twenty nine years experience in busy private practice treating from newborns to ninety year olds; from individuals to three generation family units; from underactive retirees to hyperactive school kids; from sedentary office workers to elite athletes.
  • After explaining whether and how I believe I can help you, we’ll arrange an affordable fee that will help you benefit from cutting-edge 21st century natural treatment.
  • Lots of great self-help advice from diet, exercise, nutritional supplements, relaxation through to personal growth.
  • FREE membership to my online health and wellness coaching website when you join our practice

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40 Park Cres, South Geelong, 3220

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