The Hidden Secret To Health

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They say that Health is our greatest asset.

What is an asset? Something to value, something worth having, something to behold and show off, something to enjoy, something to fall back on when most needed, something to look after you in years to come, an investment...

And what is Health? Many would define health by an absence of pain and discomfort, some would say they would be healthy if it wasn’t for their heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, bad back... But most people understand that health goes beyond this – emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Health is also about our quality of life and how we function: Can you play golf or other preferred leisure activity, maintain and clean your own home and garden, earn a living, enjoy your relationships, get up and down stairs, etc...

So here’s a question – right now do you have as much health as you would like to have? I doubt that many would answer yes.

So what do we need? Let me ask another question – do you think that they will ever invent a pill that will make your body healthy? If you answered yes then I would suggest you are most likely dreaming about something that might happen well after you and I are gone! At the moment we are no closer to this medical miracle than we were when they discovered Penicillin and Aspirin...

So what is the answer? Today I would like to blow the lid off a common urban myth – you see stress is listed as a major risk factor for any kind of sickness or disease that you can think of – it is reported to be the one thing that most affects your health. But I am going to explain why stress is not a risk factor and enlighten you on what is the number one risk factor.

But first, I am a Chiropractor so what am I doing talking about health? Here’s another question for you: What are the first words that come to your mind when you hear the word Chiropractic? It’s OK I have heard them all before – back, click, crack, bone crunchers, pain relief, even quack. But this is not what excites me about being a Chiropractor – you see I have dedicated 30 years of my life to finding ways to improve health and wellbeing – so I actually think I am one of the most qualified people to talk to you about YOUR health.

Today I am going to introduce you to a world exclusive – the launch of a brand new treatment and body toning system that I believe could make an enormous difference in your health and wellbeing. And will probably do wonders with your aches and pains at the same time – It’s called NeuTone (NT)...

I am also going to show you an amazing discovery in terms of a rhythmic patterned neurological response that you can tap into to stretch and tone the deepest layers of your body core at the same time as releasing huge amounts of tension and strain from your body. I have called this phenomenon Therapeutic Fasciculation (TF).

Something that I have observed in my 26 years of practice is that when people come to see me with their back and health problems they have this secret desire that they will leave with a new body – pain gone, full function restored. But here’s the problem – everybody who arrives at my office leaves inside the very same body. I can’t miraculously push a refresh button and all the accumulated damage vanishes – But we can recondition you: A reconditioned body can work just as good as a brand new one.

So what is it that leads us to get out of condition and start to develop all these aches and pains and health problems? As I said stress is a major risk factor for any health problem, but stress doesn’t do any damage to you internally. What does is how you process stress.

The number one risk factor for all health problems is not stress – it is tension – stored unresolved aberrant reactions to the stresses and strains of life.

And so the solution to the number one risk factor is to learn how to release tension which I believe NT and TF does more successfully than nearly every other therapeutic strategy I have experienced.

Before we can understand TF we need to comprehend some scientific facts about how the nervous system works. To do this let’s look at the neural gate theory. Right now small sensory receptors all over your body are sending signals up towards your brain – temperature, stretch, vibration, position, sound, smell, taste and pain, plus many more types of measurements. Now imagine if you were consciously aware of every single piece of information that was being transmitted – you’d go mad with the noise! So within the central nervous system (CNS) are “gateways”, intersections where information is sent to where it needs to be analysed and responded to – the body’s mail sorting room. Within the CNS is a prioritising system – the louder a receptor yells the more likely it will be heard and responded to: This is really what pain is – a part of your body that is malfunctioning sending lots of messages to your brain for help. But the gateway theory explains lots more than pain – it explains how your body makes decisions – conscious and subconscious.

The next important point about the neural gateway theory is the concept that problems can develop within this neural matrix – gates that get stuck open, gates that get stuck closed: This firstly affects how the body is able to perceive information, and secondly as a result affects the decision making ability of your CNS – just like the old computer metaphor of “garbage in – garbage out”. How many of you right now have an ache, pain or illness that has lasted more than two to six weeks – the normal healing time for most mild to moderate injuries and sicknesses? When I ask this question at workshops the majority of hands in the room are raised.

Now here is the critical point you need to get your head around – most of us think this is because of the problem we have is so bad that the body just can’t fix it. In fact it is more likely due to the fact that your body is failing to respond and react to the problem correctly because of malfunction in the neural matrix gateway system. Just as a panel beater can’t fix our broken down car if it has electrical problems, our body’s immune system can’t repair our body if the nervous system gives it erroneous directions.

This is where Chiropractic dovetails so beautifully with the neural gateway theory. For its entire history Chiropractic has held the belief that spinal malfunctions interfere with the central nervous system. Unfortunately this concept has been reduced to the incomplete idea of spinal bones squashing spinal nerves – your back going out and needing to be forced back into position. This is unfortunate because to be honest the spinal malfunction Chiropractors call Subluxations are more about blockages in the transmission of electricity, energy and information than it is about bones and alignment – more like blown fuses than flat tyres.

So let’s try to summarise and bullet point what we have learnt so far:

  1. Information is being transmitted up and down our central nervous system every second of your life – this is how your body monitors and maintains normal internal functions.
  2. Malfunctions can occur in the gateway system somewhere along these communication pathways.
  3. This can be experienced as pain but also as silent dysfunction.
  4. Chiropractors call this electrical and energetic malfunction Subluxation.

Now we need to talk about the solution and again this is supplied to us by the neural gateway theory. Here’s how this works – stronger, more harmonic frequencies can inhibit, override and even reset the abnormal transmissions. You know this to be true because whenever you get a sore spot you  instinctively rub or shake it! You would have also experienced that movement relieves soreness and stiffness. Conversely, we also know that if we are tired or distressed all our aches and pains feel worse. So obviously we would prefer to set up scenarios where we are helping more than hindering. So things like exercise and massage can be effective means of helping to relieve your nervous system, but I am now going to show even more dramatic methodology to recondition your CNS.

TF is a natural phenomenon that occurs in any muscle when it reaches and holds a specific degree of contraction. You will have experienced this spontaneously time to time when bending, lifting or straining whereby some muscles would have begun to twitch or even tremble. Similarly if you develop a strong emotional reaction or a huge yawn or stretch you will have felt some trembling in your body. The natural reaction when you experience this is to slightly change your position or contraction to switch off the twitch. But when you learn TF you are going to discover how to position, hold and stretch different parts of your body while enjoying the pleasant sensation of TF for a more sustained period.

The desired effect of TF is to bombard your CNS with large waves of harmonic energy which will reset and recondition all your neural matrix gateways – I see it like defragmenting your computer – an internal refresh and restart.

Now to add to this we can also integrate TF alongside a chiropractic adjustment which allows us to specifically locate areas within your CNS where the neural gateways are stuck and by combining the corrective adjustment with the reconditioning effects of TF we can initiate dramatic improvement in the way that your neural matrix gateway system is working.

And what are the benefits of this?

  1. Diminish and even reset pain syndromes.
  2. Tone and condition the deepest spinal muscles to help improve movement and alignment.
  3. Clear out the neural matrix gateway system to improve communication between your brain and internal functions.
  4. Release enormous amounts of stored tension which can relax us and improve our ability to cope with stress and strain.


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