How Fast Would You Like Your Healing?

Express Relief

If you have an acute episode of pain or have been struggling with chronic pain for some time and you wish to start feeling better as soon as possible: You should be seeing your Chiropractor at least twice per week for as long as it takes to feel like you are on top of things.

Optimal Repair

You might have a niggling problem that you would like to work consistently towards complete resolution, or you could be someone who loves to always be at the top of their game and you believe in investing in maximising your wellbeing: In either case you should be seeing your Chiropractor each week.

Steady Progress

You’ve made it through the early stages of correcting a health problem and wish to continue the process of rehabilitation and/or the last thing you want to happen is for your condition to deteriorate, exacerbate or recur: You should be seeing your Chiropractor about every fortnight.

Body Maintenance

Maybe you feel like you already do a lot to keep yourself in exceptional shape, or you just want to minimise how many Adjustments you receive while avoiding falling into a gradual functional decline: You should go a maximum of three weeks between your Adjustments.

Why shouldn’t I leave it longer between adjustments?

When I was first in practice “maintenance” care was traditionally having an Adjustment every four to six weeks. I’ve also met people who say they religiously go to their Chiropractor for a check-up every three to six months. Over the last twenty years I have used a wide range of what are called functional assessments – objective measurements of how well your body is working regardless of whether or not you have any pain or discomfort. With such vast experience in observing how different treatment plans work (or not) I can confidently say that if the average person goes four or more weeks between Adjustments their general function will slowly deteriorate even if they are not suffering with any symptoms. However the average person who receives an Adjustment every three weeks or sooner will at least maintain their daily functional capacity. And the more regular their Adjustments are the more likely they are to enjoy steadily improving functional abilities – at any age!


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