Triple Jump Silver MedalHow well you perform in the most important half of the season can be made or broken during the Christmas and New Year "Break". Will you build the base that produces great performances or holiday your way to a disappointing championships season?

With the summer holidays, Christmas break and then the “business end” of the season approaching I thought I would make some suggestions for how to get into the best possible jumping shape so you can do PBs and perform at your best in competitions.

It can be tempting to take a break from training and aths for 3-4 weeks over the festive season, but this will lead to you losing shape and your competitive edge due to “deconditioning”: Instead this time can be used to set yourself up to jump much further in the second half of the season.

First let me explain a key principle in terms of jumps training – every jumps session is additive and cumulative – another way of looking at this is that you get compounding interest from regular jump training deposits – return on your investment!

Jumping requires specialised conditioning not provided by standard aths training – what I call the four secret ingredients must be covered:

  1. Speed – to jump far you need to be able to run fast
  2. Power – all the bounding and drills we do are designed to help you to get more “air”
  3. Flexibility – to avoid injuries and to get the most out of each movement
  4. And the X-Factor = “Spring” – This is a natural talent that can be developed further

My preferred “Gold Standard” for this time of year is that you are doing two jump training sessions each week: Then any extra running or conditioning sessions you do will increase your performances even more.

I will continue to be available for coaching most Wednesdays, Thursdays and weekends over the rest of the season, but if there are other days or times that you would really like to train then let me know and we will see what can be done. I will also update you on any variations to my normal schedule.

Most jumps sessions will combine technique and conditioning work and as always I will try to vary each session to keep it interesting and challenging.

If you are going to be away over Christmas or the New Year and would like a training plan then let me know.

I’d like to hear back from each of you individually what your availability and aspirations are for the rest of this season so we can come up with a winning plan.

Jump Far!

Nick Hodgson

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