Learn Your First NeuTone Exercise Here...

Key points:

Therapeutic Fasciculation (TF) – Pleasant contractions, trembles or twitches in groups of muscles when appropriate degree of tension is developed – Phenomenon you will be learning to initiate.

Isotonic – Muscular contraction in which the muscle remains under relatively constant tension while its length changes. You will be learning to develop enough tightness in specific core muscles to stimulate TF. This will be done by combining postural positioning with tightening of muscle groups.

Activation/Inhibition – Any muscle will develop fasciculation at a certain point of tension – You will be learning how to develop the right amount of contraction, and how not to switch off this phenomenon (our conscious tendency when we experience this spontaneously).

Advantages – Even though you will be contracting muscles the end result will be relaxed and more flexible muscles with improved tone and conditioning. You will also be bombarding deep gateway centres in the central nervous system which helps to inhibit and reset pain pathways, releases bursts of endorphins and other healthy neurochemicals, and expels stored emotional tension.

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