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What is NeuTone?

  • Range of isotonic slow gentle stretches – straightforward to learn and initiate a highly therapeutic neurological phenomenon
  • Therapeutic Fasciculation
  • Pleasant trembles and tremors develop in large groups of muscles when right degree of tone and stretch occurs
  • Learn how to initiate them
  • Learn how to not inhibit the response

Therapeutic Fasciculation

  • Developing appropriate degree of tension
  • Isotonic – Contraction in which muscle remains under constant tension
  • Combine postural positioning with tightening of muscle groups
  • Activation/Inhibition – Any muscle will develop TF at a certain point of tension
  • Relaxed and more flexible muscles with improved tone and conditioning
  • Bombard deep gateway centres in the CNS – Inhibit and reset pain pathways, release endorphins and other healthy neurochemicals, and expel stored emotional tension


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