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Experience the breakthrough treatment and toning system.

  • Tune and balance your central nervous system
  • Activate innate spinal muscle and nerve reflexes to tone and optimise core postural stability and alignment
  • Reset central neural gateways to diminish pain mechanisms, activate state of wellbeing neurochemical pathways, and refresh stuck emotions stored in the mind-body

Dr Nick Hodgson sees NeuTone (NT) as the ultimate culmination in the development of his treatment techniques. Seven years of undergraduate university training, twenty six years clinical experience as a practicing Chiropractor, plus ongoing training, research, development and active involvement in post graduate chiropractic professional education had left Nick feeling that key pieces in the therapeutic puzzle were still missing. His vision was to evolve his own treatment methods to the point where consistent significant neurological improvements were experienced during each and every adjustment session, and to provide the practice member with strategies which continue the healing process between office visits.

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What is NeuTone?

NT is a range of isotonic slow gentle stretches that are straightforward to learn and which initiate a highly therapeutic neurological phenomenon known as Therapeutic Fasciculation: These are pleasant trembles and tremors that develop in large groups of muscles when the right degree of tone and stretch occurs and when you learn how to not inhibit the response. In other words to learn these strategies you need to learn how to initiate them and how to not switch them off.

Most people have intermittently and randomly experienced the phenomenon of fasciculation while straining to lift an object, holding a postural position, experiencing a strong emotional response or holding a deep breath. However the normal response is to change position, or increase or decrease the degree of contraction in a conscious effort to switch off the tremor. Most people would perceive this sensation as being abnormal and even concerning. Some neurological pathologies are associated with Fasciculation: However in the context of NT, Therapeutic Fasciculation is experienced as an innate, pleasant and organised normal physiological response with positive neural outcomes.

Abnormal muscle tension and the development of pain syndromes are now well understood to be more of a central nervous system phenomenon than a local muscular phenomenon. This breakthrough in understanding started with Melzack and Wall’s Gate Control theory. Not only does this well supported theory explain how chronic pain can persist long beyond normal tissue injury healing times, it also highlights the interaction between psychological state and the perception of pain and dysfunction. Another insight that comes from the Gate Control Theory is the comprehension that activating larger nerve fibres can inhibit and even reset malfunctioning neural gateways.

Further, central spinal gateways are defined as biological neural networks that produce rhythmic patterned outputs. All normal physiological functions require a significant degree of harmony, rhythm and frequency. NT is seen as an evolutionary therapeutic movement protocol to bombard large numbers of central spinal gateways at the same time by initiating central pattern generators. To oversimplify this concept – dysfunction and dis-ease are seen as a reflection of abnormal neural patterns and rhythms. And to bombard and override these abnormal frequencies with stronger more harmonic rhythms (as in the case of Therapeutic Fasciculation) is proposed as a powerful therapeutic intervention.

Melzack has expanded Gate Control Theory to include the concept of a neural matrix to encompass the connection between pain, function, emotion, other bodily functions and even wellbeing. NT is not just proposed as a means to inhibit pain sensation, but as a method to tune and balance the central nervous system with potential global physiological benefits.

How is NeuTone different to normal Chiropractic?

In addition Therapeutic Fasciculation can be utilised as an important and powerful biofeedback tool during a Chiropractic Adjustment to increase and improve your body’s therapeutic response – how to get bigger changes in a shorter period of time.

Chiropractic has long held the aspiration to improve the function of the human central nervous system but has been criticised for its claims to offer positive outcomes in anything beyond mechanical back pain and other musculoskeletal syndromes. However, there is a substantial body of evidence of all levels to support the idea that the Chiropractic Adjustment can improve a wide range of physiological functions at least some of the time.

Dr Hodgson has developed protocols for integrating NT with a Chiropractic Adjustment with the hypothesis that augmenting central neural function at the same time as delivering a specific correctional vector with intent will increase the degree and regularity of positive physiological changes.

NT could be combined with any Chiropractic Adjusting Technique to produce an Advanced Neural Tuning Response but Dr Hodgson has spent significant time in research and development learning how to maximise the interaction between NT and the Adjustment.

What is involved in a NeuTone session?

Part of NT is learning to initiate and accentuate Therapeutic Fasciculation by practising a combination of slow isotonic stretches in different body postures. This response can be further accentuated by incorporating some easy to learn breathing techniques. Once you have got the basics down these strategies can then be utilised in conjunction with your Chiropractic Adjustment to maximise and increase your body’s neurological response. All of this is taught to you through coaching from your practitioner. The added bonus of this process is that you will be gently exercising primary postural muscles and toning the core of your spinal system.

As such a NeuTone session is more interactive than a traditional Chiropractic Adjustment where you lie still and receive the therapy. Instead you will be guided to focus attention, position and tension into specific areas of your body in conjunction with the adjustment that you are receiving, and will experience quite pleasant trembles, tremors and releases of tension. By the end of the session you will feel quite invigorated, quite relaxed, somewhat fatigued – similar to the high of a good exercise session.

Over time you will learn how to integrate these strategies into normal life to continue to self correct and heal, and will enjoy more and more complex and advanced responses during your adjustment sessions.

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