The 10 natural steps to improving mental health and brain function: Too many people are resorting to synthetic psychoactive drugs to try and improve their brain and mental function.

Prescriptions for Ritalin and Dexamphetamine are on the rise, Antidepressant sales are up, and the latest mix of street drugs has never been more accessible and affordable. Children who don't fit into the behavioural box at school are being put on stimulants in the hope of a quick fix, teens and adults struggling against the battles of life are being offered emotional inhibitors as a first resort, and many of the newer social drugs are uppers with tragic risk attached.

In contrast to this synthetic culture which is prevailing, there are natural strategies that exist which can help to nourish and stimulate the brain to produce its' own internal "feel good -- work well" chemistry. Dr Nick Hodgson, Chiropractor and Wellness Coach will be discussing the 10 natural steps to maximising brain health and mental function, which will include discussion of improving issues like ADHD, Autism, Depression and Anxiety.

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