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You deserve to be Super Healthy; You need to be Super Healthy; You owe it to all those that love you to be Super Healthy; You should be Super Healthy; You CAN be Super Healthy.

All the statistics suggest that those of us who enjoy the most opportunity to be Super Healthy – those of us living in the affluent western world – are falling well short of this possibility. The most developed, affluent, free and democratic societies are also the most sickly, fat, unfit, arthritic, diabetic, atherosclerotic, unhappy and cancerous.

The greatest privilege that our western societies enjoy is the ability to choose – we have more free will than any other culture in the history of the world. It would appear obvious that we have been making some pretty bad individual and corporate choices.

This program aims to offer the individual a new set of choices; ones which will lead to the Super Healthy outcomes that each of us deserves…


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