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Are you sick of settling for average health - or worse? Would you like to get back in charge of your own health? Would you prefer to have enough energy to enjoy your family and interests AFTER work and the chores are finished? Is it time to trim off those extra pounds and get back into the shape you were once in? Do you need some simple strategies to improve your fitness?

You deserve to be Super Healthy; You need to be Super Healthy; You owe it to all those that love you to be Super Healthy; You should be Super Healthy; You CAN be Super Healthy.

This manual is dedicated to providing you with the answers and strategies to achieve YOUR own personal health goals. Leading on a path of personal discovery, you will be guided towards optimal health and wellbeing...

Super Healthy is a self-help book which guides the participant through a series of learning and action steps to improve their health and wellbeing. The goal is to assist the reader to achieve optimal fitness, health and happiness. As such it is more than a book and more like a program. Each chapter confronts a foundational health principle or behavior and is completed by an extremely simple and easy to implement action step. From health attitude and philosophy, to auditing current health state, to stress and attitude, diet and nutrients, exercise and posture, spirituality and emotional wellbeing. The manual also contains an advanced section which follows up and builds on the already achieved outcomes. The reader can complete each section one after the other, or can select a topic which they feel is most relevant to them and complete them in their own preferred order.

Many health and wellbeing books fill the reader with information which can result in some short term motivation for change. Super Healthy is designed as more of a self-discovery and gradual change process and guides the reader gently and clearly towards new healthy lifestyle choices. And the real advantage of this process is that most of the steps are simple and easy to implement – a bit like the old joke about how to eat an elephant – one small bite at a time!

The health care system, or what has been described as the sickness care system is in crisis, and is creating enormous financial drain on our communities. Most experts are saying that prevention is the only answer, but most public and private spending is focused on treatment. Ultimately the solution lies in the hands of the individual and has been defined as “wellness”: Each person making wise lifestyle choices that lead to more than just minimization of risk factors, and provide the foundations to wellbeing, fulfillment, happiness, energy, health and longevity...


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