Your SHAPE is your vehicle

Our SHAPE is the vehicle which God has given to us to travel our spiritual, emotional and physical life journey:

SHAPEOur Spiritual Gifts are the fuel that God supplies to travel on the path that God has mapped out for us. We cannot move for God without his fuel – we could be the best looking and most impressive piece of machinery, but if we don’t fill up with God’s spiritual supply, then we will end up pushing the car with our own strength. With God’s fuel – we can travel on the paths and to the destinations that we are inspired to visit with speed and power. And we can be continually filled and empowered if we return to the source of our fuel on a regular basis.

Our Heart is the engine which drives and motivates us. It is the thing that converts the fuel to momentum. If we are filled with fuel, but don’t convert that fuel to energy, then we will never leave the garage for a road trip with God as passenger: We might just sit in the driveway and have a chat. Every heart has its’ own beat and this beat filters and converts the fuel in an individual way. Our engine will determine which direction we travel, and the type of path that we choose to follow.

Our Abilities are the wheels that transport us – the things that convert the energy from the stored fuel to movement. The use of our abilities is how we convert good intentions to good works. Our wheels need to be well rounded and well maintained so that they make our journey efficient, smooth, stress-free and enjoyable.

Our Personality is the style and finish of our vehicle: Some are loud and showy; some are strong and impressive; some are detailed and purpose built; others are quiet, smooth and unobtrusive. Our personality helps to colour and flavour our journey: Will we be loud and noticed, and even tailed by adoring devotees; or will we get the journey done quietly and unnoticed amongst the traffic?

Our Experiences are the log book of achievements and encounters which build the character and test the reliability of the machinery. Have we learnt how to drive our vehicle; have we passed the driving tests to qualify for our ministry license; have we travelled a variety of paths and directions to discover the best route; have we endured the tough and tiresome roads but get behind the steering wheel once again; can we direct and guide others to a safe and rewarding path?

What type of vehicle are you?

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